Coldpay dedicates « Alien » its last song to MOAS securing migrants in the mediterranean

MOAS: saving migrants in the Mediterranean : Regina Cantabronne, Global Citizen Award… « they need a voice »


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Regina Cantabronne was awarded the Global Citizen Awards 2015 in Monaco for her work.  MOAS was born in 2014. More  than 25 000 lives have been saved thanks to its actions. With General Wesley Clarck : how can we deal with the refugee crisis?  a new concept for Europe. Wyclef Jean and Irina Boukova : education is power and power is education. Angela Ermakova : generosity is major christian value. Coldplay dedicates it last song « Alien » to the benefit of MOAS on july 2017: all proceed will go to the to MOAS. To help MOAS  et aussi#SafeAndLegalRoutes

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