Victoria Silvstedt feeding needy families with  » Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco

Victoria Silvstedt marched in Nice with the Guardian Angels of Monaco. Monday, December 5th 2016,   Bruna Maule Cassio and her volunteers brought to their street friends a very special gift!

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Between a gala evening in Monaco in the presence of Princess Charlene and the filming of a TV show in Milan, Victoria Silvstedt, model, actress, TV presenter, gave her time and her wonderful smile to the Angels Guardians of Monaco and to all these men, women, entire families, babies, the elderly, the disabled, who can not afford  a rent  nor food .
« Contact and respect are the most important, » Bruna explains, unaware that his itinerary resembles that of one of his compatriots whose life inspired him to Pope Francis: he chose this name In reference to St. Francis of Assisi « the saint of the poor », who gave hope to the excluded, the unloved, the most deprived.
« What touched my heart, » said Victoria, is that it is not just about providing emergency assistance but also helping people reintegrate. The « Guardian Angels of Monaco » also pay rents to several needy families. Hannibal Renberg, the phoenographer, whose works can be seen on 5 ArchiChic, 5 rue Martin Seytour in Nice, from 2 to 23 December 2016 (Vernissage le 9 December 2016) captured some magical moments of this tour of Victoria Silvstedt with the Angels Guardians of Monaco
For information: singer Umberto Tozzi will offer a concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Association « LES ANGES GARDIENS DE MONACO » during a charity gala on Friday 17th February 2017 in the Salle Empire of the Hotel de Paris in Monaco.
To contact the Association: Guardian Angels of Monaco
E-mail: Tel: +33 680862954 (Bruna)