documentaire: l’Ecole de Nice/nouvelle génération

Aidez TendanceTV à financer la production de cette série de documentaires vidéo: la nouvelle génération d’artistes graphiques de la Côte d’Azur «L’École de Nice», la suite

Le premier documentaire portera sur BEN, Fluxus, la galerie Eva Vautier (la fille d’Eva, Ben) et le petit-fils de Ben Tom Barbagli. </ strong>

fund a video documentary : the new generation of graphic artists on the French Riviera

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Over the centuries, the French riviera has been home to many famous painters.

After « l’Ecole de Nice » the artistic trend which started in the fifties with  the « Nouveau réalisme », Fluxus, Supports/Surfaces… today Nice remains fertile ground for young creation.

The documentary will use archive images  and follow  the young creators in the art schools, in their studios , and through their group or personal exhibitions

Due to the great number of artists in residence in the studio which are proposed to the young artists by the city of Nice, there should be  series of minimum 10 to 20 videos,  10 mn long each.

Each video will portrait a young graphic artist, painter, sculptor… his past, present life and  hopes for the future.

Allow 2 days for filming and 2 days for editing for each artist.

Funding  needed for each video is 2500 €


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