Grace a symbol of change


This exceptional three-day event was be the opportunity to recognize Princess Grace’s inspiring legacy in the three main roles of her life and celebrate her exemplary contribution to positive change.

As a princess, she sparked a real economic, social, and cultural boom in Monaco. As an actress, she set the standard for style with her signature blend of glamour, elegance and sophistication and helped shape fashion history.
As a woman, her personality remains a source of inspiration for all women who believe in their dreams and act upon them.

The program started on the Friday evening with a gala dinner in the Salle Empire of the Hotel de Paris, followed by ‘Dress to Change the World’, a fashion show by American designer Jeff Garner with live music performed by Robin Lemesurier.


Marquise Roberta Gilardi attended the gala, along with Mrs Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio and Mrs Josyane Lahore, and Greek artist and painter Nikos Floros showcased his extraordinary evenign gown sculptire all made out of coca cola tin cans pieces..The Gala dinner opened the way to this three-day event in the legendary Salle Empire of the Hotel de Paris, a listed historical site since the end of the 19th century that, among many other memorable guests, welcomed Errol Flynn for his wedding. The evening will be hosted by Dr Andrea Pennington.
The dinner, designed to bring together culinary notes of the Princess Grace most beloved countries: Monaco, United States and Ireland, was followed by Dress to Change the World, a fashion show by American designer Jeff Garner who has especially created for this event twenty-two dresses inspired by Princess Grace style and exclusively realized with eco-friendly fabrics and materials.
The music has been composed for the occasion by Robin Le Mesurier who performed live with musicians from the Monte Carlo Philarmonic orchestra and by Alain Lanty (pianist of Johnny Halliday, Julien Clerc and Carlo Bruni).


To Catch a Thief Screening
Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller – To Catch A Thief – arrived for the first time ever in stunning high definition and loaded with special features.
Blu-ray Debuts September 15, 2012 Boasting More Than 90 Minutes of Bonus Material, Including a Discussion with Hitchcock’s Descendants, a Look at How Censorship Shaped the Film, Expert Commentary and more.