Friends of Lebanon MC with Didier Deschamps

Friends of lebanon press conference with Didier Deschamps

Bouran Bouery at press conference for Friends of Lebanon « Les Amis du Liban » 2014, with Didier Deschamps

Friends of Lebanon Monaco is supported by Football trainer Didier Deschamps.
The gala evening was held on this same night, december 14th, 2014; the very night the Monaco twins Gabriella and Jacques were born to Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco.
Bouran Bouery, president of the Association Les Amis du Liban Monaco, had organized after the press conference, a Christmas party for the children of Beausoleil, Monaco and the surrounding towns. Didier Deschamps, and Antoine Narmino attended the the press conference . Didier Deschamps was the Vip of the party for the great joy of the kids and their families. Journalist Carole Chabrier insisted on how important are the actions of the association Friends of Lebanon Monaco