Vassily Klyukin’s yacht concepts

Vassily Klyukin showcases his yacht concepts aboard Admiral by Italian Sea Group at Monaco Yacht Show 2014 Monte Carlo September 25th.

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Aboard the superyacht along with french sculptor/artist/designer, Richard Orlinksy, the Russian Tycon based in Monaco showcased some of his last yacht design aboard Admiral by Italian Sea Group… Vassily Klyukin together with the famous French sculptor Richard Orlinski, with whom he has jointly created a magnificent 1.5-meter sculpture « Red Shark Yacht » .

Also showcased the following yachts designed by Vassily Klyukin
Blue Bird
White Swan

The party was held under the DJ set by Bart&Baker, well known for their soundtrack to the famous movie The Great Gatsby, and whose music became known as Electro Swing.

Vassily Kyukin has also designed iconic buildings project, which he has published in many books.