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TendanceTV Over The Top

What is Tendance TV Over the Top?

A  TV channel to discover and share with passion on all connected items. It is brand new and it’s TendanceTV, a baby TV « Over the Top »

For Whom

Over The Top technology is used by all major « actors » in the world of television and video: Netflix and Amazon TV among others.


It allows to display the video content on all connected screens: Smart TV, smart phone, computer or tablet …

The signal can also broadcast through all Intenet Access Providers set top boxes worldwide.

Today TendanceTV Over The Top  is a quite unique baby « Over The Top ». We decided to broadcast a  » scheduled program « , with access to full replay « on demand ».

What is our philosophy ?

Our philosophy is that watching TV and videos is like listening to music in your car: you can tune in  to the radio or prefer the music recorded on your phone, or CDs

We believe it’s the same for TendanceTV Over The Top (and TV in general): there will always be room for conventional TV, with a program schedule chosen by the broadcaster… and for replay, or video on demand.

Tendance TV Over the Top is multilingual, multi-thematic TV channel , with its international roots on the French Riviera, the legendary birthplace of universal chic, trend and glamour.

But above all, TendanceTV « Over the Top », with its Lifestyle content, is for all those who have dreams and passions to share, plans to build with new friends. Tendance TV offers its viewers a unique lively cross media content, with a champagne/spiritual flavor. It is also dedicated to all those who like to get involved in programming and interacting with our production teams: those who are « connected « , love to watch content on all types of devices, those who want custom content, those who are also content creators.

Last but not least, Tendance TV Over The Top give its viewers the opportunity to be – as Andy Warhol used to say – “famous for fifteen minutes”

On TendanceTV « Over The Top », they can share worldwide their holidays ‘Best Offs’, shows, the special events they organized or they attended… just the way they do on Periscope or Facebook, but with a much better quality and this is unique,  a position in TendanceTV Over The top weekly schedule, so that more people can discover this fresh content, that they might not have chosen to watch specifically … Tendance Tv let viewers show their own ways, own choices , own preferences, and will adapt to the natural pathways that the threads of informations follow among the members of social groups. Some niche programming will be dedicated to the expression of these threads of information, according somehow to a « bottom up »scheme, where viewers will also be content creators. In multi-channel, multi-platform world, Tendance TV will provide unique cross media, lifestyle, glamorous and trendy content.

Why TendanceTV Over the Top ?

International, multilingual, multi-thematic, adressing all ages, Tendance TV is for all the audience on the planet. It aims at breaking down geographic and cultural barriers by sharing the universal values ​​of celebration, happiness, art, music, beauty, respect for humanity and the planet, of harmony and joy: in short « The true, the good, the beautiful » as philosophers say.

You can also become a partner of TendanceTV « Over the Top » and gain access to the power of an international media.

Media means the ability to make one’s voice heard,  spread messages and the very content that you have choosen. With TendanceTv « Over the Top », you will be able to make the difference, let know what is important for you.                      

Thank you for sharing TendanceTV with the people you love, and the people who matter to you.

Thanks  for your friendship and your generosity

Stéphanie BOY  +33 6 634 630 05

TendanceTV OTT « Over the Top »


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