Specifics Tendance TV programming

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With the format “ A Day in the World ” and through its partners Tendance TV, will offer a unique vision of noted events (Women’s Day, St. Patrick, fight against AIDS day, for instance), by following the events all around the planet, during one full day, through time zones sequences.A video nursery for new talent: Tendance TV will search the web for emerging talents,and offer them a cahnce to showcase their world on its feed

Specifics for Tendance TV programming                                                                  Worldwide, language is the very barrier to communication. But on the other hand, more and more people speak several languages. Tendance TV will promote multi-lingualism (and later seek European funding), with a basic flow in English, French, and Italian.

Content and program Schedule

Tendance TV will play both the card of proximity and of International spirit.

Prime time all the time 

Tendance TV content is focused on “timeless” stories, with beautiful image, high quality, while at the same time democratizing access to « broadcast » TV, which today gives a very limited access to young content producers, as satellite feedis tightly restricted to a chosen few.

Tendance TV’s direction of the programming will focus its research on the creation of new original content to captivate audiences all over the world, going far over the traditional boundaries. These Interactive, personalized and non-conventional formats will provide the major brands, as well as creators, freedom of action and an instant feedback. New programs, new niches, to reach a mass audience and change the rules of traditional entertainment : these different contents and advertisement formats, will attract new committed audiences to advertisers.

Tendance TV Contents: Generalists, Chic, Trendy,  Funny, Humorous, Lifestyle & New Age, non-conventional and Universal

Emphasizing commitment to the universal values ​​of tolerance, openness and “joie de vivre” (happiness).

Tendance TV: a general channel, with reports in several languages ​​/ programming « always prime time », * – The major capitals around the world: * MY Paris, MY Moscow , MY Miami, MY New York , MY Monte Carlo. Playing with time zones , Tendance TV will provide the same content for all with holidays « postcards », fashion events, gala evenings, chic and trendy social stories, celebrities, music, arts. Tendance TV, upscale, chic and trendy, popular and intelligent (we dare say so) will offer a highly visual content attracting a wide audience of all ages.

« MY beautiful people » celebrities and their charities : TV and media can change the world and be an instrument of peace and understanding. Charities often are associated with celebs and VIPs. To help charity associations and charitable events, My beautiful people will highlight the role of opinion leaders: Bono, Clinton, Bill Gates, famous people and stars. It will re direct the public to the associations’ Web sites so that people can make donations. Tendance TV does not handle online donations, but prefers that it remains the responsibility of associations and their members . However Tendance TV is happy to help bring charity associations in front of international audience.

« MY travel »: travel, extreme destinations, exotic cultures, recreation and sports (sailing, golf, horseback riding, and sports stars): discover places abroad, the dramatic, unexpected, and voluptuous dreams of luxury and pleasure). With beautiful images and few comments. Young and fun, this segment should be all but just advertising postcard.

« My better world« : Green and Bio stories to make a better world come true. « Let’s save the planet together » with environmental documentaries and interviews of celebs and of the public. We also offer our « green & Bio » sponsors to broadcast their best stories.

« MY music »: Tendance Records or Tendance Music Awards : it is the right place to search for and showcase new talent

« MY movies » series or films with strong message, like « Blood diamonds » or disaster movies referring to climate change or films with humanitarian messages. The purchase of these films can be quite expensive. Sponsors will be associated with each of them and their funding would be used to purchase dedicated material.

« MY lifestyle« : celebrities, fashion, music, beauty, wellness, hair and make-up but also luxury life style, jewelry, cars, mansions, private jets, super yachts, gastronomy (and delicious diet), arts (contemporary painting, auctions, happenings), special events and technological innovations.

« MY News, MY TV » for and by viewers: the best from You Tube, Myspace and other social media will be proposed satellite broadcast worldwide: free original content that will publicize their authors, if the content has value, regardless of the technical aspects. This will empower viewers and make them producers of their own tv : access to broacasting content should not be reserved just to an elite, but everyone will be allowed to be « famous for fifteen minutes »

« MY Games and reality show » games and contests: from Beauty pageant Miss @frica United, How to « get out of the box, », To be a Woman in… Paris, Monte Carlo, New York