About Tendance TV

january 8th 2018
Tendance TV is a Lifestyle channel for trendy & beautiful people of all ages:  multi-ethnic, international, multilingual, with general content ; TendanceTV  takes its viewers on a path showcasing new experiences, with « exclusive » interviews, close up and personal talks backstage with celebrities, for example, or access to events and emotions that are to be found nowhere else and can finally be shared.

Multilingual, multi-thematic, Tendance TV has its international roots on the French Riviera, the legendary birthplace of universal chic, trend and glamour.

With Lifestyle content, Tendance TV is for all those who have dreams and passions to share, plans to build with new friends. Tendance TV offers its viewers a unique lively cross media content, with a champagne/spiritual flavor. It is also dedicated to all those who like to get involved in programming and interacting with our production teams: those who are « connected « , love to watch content on all types of devices, those who want custom content, those who are also content creators.

Tendance TV/ My lifestyle TV / give its viewers the opportunity to be – as Andy Warhol used to say – “famous for fifteen minutes”.

The explosion of new media and the convergence between WEB / TV has led traditional TV on new tracks. Tendance TV will ride this wave of « Social Media Distribution » (transfer of viral material between consumers) and the popularity of social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others

Tendance TV offers its viewers to share worldwide their holidays ‘Best Offs’, shows, the special events they organized or they attended…this is one of the roads to the heart of the programming strategy of the chanel. Tendance Tv will let viewers show their own ways, own choices , own preferences, and will adapt to the natural pathways that the threads of informations follow among the members of social groups. Some niche programming will be dedicated to the expression of these threads of information, according somehow to a « bottom up » scheme, where viewers will also be content creators.

In multi-channel, multi-platform world, Tendance TV will provide unique cross media, lifestyle, glamorous and trendy content. This will ensure maximum exposure for sponsors, showcasing products and brands to audiences as diverse as possible, with which it will be possible to interact.