Tendance TV/OLAST

Tendance TV/OLAST  
OLAST/Tendance TV video catalog represents more than 200 hours of edited videos 
+  rushes to be edited for a minimum of 200 more hours

Stephanie Boy has launched Tendance TV with  OLAST (Non Profit Association)  owned library of images filmed and edited over the years and a team of specialists, that will ensure the sustainability of the project.

Stephanie Boy, Founder and President of Tendance TV, draws her strength and her deep resources from all the networks she belongs to: family, friends, social & professional life.  A journalist by vocation, Stephanie Boy has collaborated to many printed magazines first as a journalist and then as editor and responsible for financed special editions (Tour Hebdo, Cote, Golf Events, Monaco Actualité) before launching her own printed magazine Tendance & Lifestyle 18 years ago.

TV is her passion and she attended as a journalist for 20 years MiP TV and MIPCOM, major international TV markets in Cannes. In 2005, riding the wave of digital technology, she developed audiovisual activities with OLAST/Abundance Production. Collaboration quickly started with broadcast industry. In January 2011 Stephanie BOY launches on the internet the web version of Tendance TV : www.tendancetv.com for the French version and www.tendancetv.us for the English version), while continuing since 2013 to develop a business plan and a project study to launch  Tendance TV on the satellite. The result of 19 years research, this project has finally evolved into today’s « Over the Top » launching of the channel : TendanceTV goes OTT.