Tendance TV Partners Club

To associate your brand to a sustainable and active international cultural action, show your commitment to the creation and get in return exclusive benefits , join Tendance TV Partners Club.

Tendance TV Partners Club federates patron companies or partners. It is intended not only to all businesses looking for an opportunity for a special and original type of communication, but also to those in search of a new management tool, and will sustain Tendance TV in its development.

By joining Tendance TV/OLAST Partners’ Club , your company benefits from positive feedback and rewards, to exclusive tax deductions ; it will enhance its image and positioning 
 and strengthens its internal communications strategy. Public relations, invitations to private parties and prestigious events, internal communication: this is some of what Tendance TV Partners Club will do, bringing together patrons who support the missions of Tendance TV and share its vision to develop, together, communication and audio visual know how of for more creativity, philanthropy and the discovery new talents in France and worldwide.

By becoming partners with Tendance TV, you are also at the heart of a platform for dialog and exchange of best practices. The Partners Club will bring together businesses in a dynamic and friendly network, while giving their 
 backstage pass to Tendance TV and promoting trade among its members. It can take the name of your company to label a media cultural or artistic projects with a wide array of possibilities : participating to the production of specific programs, creating awareness for young audiences, financial contribution to the acquisition of new equipment for Tendance TV, commitment towards the disadvantaged or disabled, or target audiences: young, woman, senior, sports.

Tendance TV Partners Club : 
To support a production project and/or new talents

To join the Club and support the activities of Tendance TV/OLAST, there are several forms of agreements.

 – Partnership: The partnership is formalized through an annual agreement and a contribution eligible for many benefits. This can be a commodity exchange, a provision of expertise or financial allocation.

– Sponsorship: Being patron of Tendance TV means associating your name and image to an artistic and cultural media project, to its influence and its development : it will clearly involve your company in the life of planet earth.

Any company wishing to provide financial support to Tendance TV can become a patron and partner in a specific way , or can participate in the general programming of the channel, or to a particular production or show, game, format or any other project schedule. We will adapt to your request.

Legal and fiscal framework of corporate sponsorship
Under French Law of 1 August 2003: Spending on sponsorship are eligible for a tax reduction equal to 60% of their amount, taken within 0.5% of turnover excluding tax. The company can deduct the excess from payments linked to sponsorship for the next five years, within the ceiling each year.
Example: If your company pays € 10 000 as part of a sponsorship, you receive a reduction of corporate tax of € 6,000: actual cost of the operation € 4 000. In addition, you can receive individual counterparts (theater tickets, air time …) in the limit of 25% of the amount of your donation.