TendanceTV OTT with Transponders&Com


Retro-planning for the development of TendanceTV Over the Top

Allow 3 months from first week of january 2018 for implementation and from 1 to 2 years for optimal distribution of the signal
ISPs (Internet Service Providers )

Tendance TV choosesTransponders & Com as a Partner
Transponders & Com will be in charge of all relations with technical partners (server, OTT provider, OTT interface programmer) and has been given exclusive rights for advertisment end sponsoring search worldside except for the USA and any territories depending of the USA or under embargo from the USA.

Thanks to Transponders & Com and its partners, TendanceTV is broadcast worldwide at an affordable price compared to what can be found now on the market, where large operators and Satellite companies propose prohibitive prices that restrict access to broadcast and satellite only to the privileged channels that can afford it.

Tendance TV & Transponders & Com : a sustainable partnership for worldwide distribution, Over The Top…and may be more

Transponders & Com will provide through its partners, News concept Event a video plugin to be viewed in TendanceTV in any chosen website or browser

– Transponders & Com will provide through its partners, News concept Event , a server and streaming to be hosted on ILIAD DATA CENTER.

– Transponders & Com will also be in charge of  for all expenses directly related to the technical aspects of the launching of the OTT TV service for TendanceTV

In exchange for this financial help for the laughing of the Service, Transponders & Com has exclusive right for the sponsoring and advertisement sales, worldwide, except for the USA and any territory depending from the Us administration or under US embargo.

Tendance TV has also chosen Transponders & Com to study its potential future ditribution on the satellite. Tendance TV might consider in the future, a worldwide distribution satellite launch, to reach in case of need, territories with no internet access.

How to watch Tendance TV

tv.Tendance.com is OverThe Top and you can watch on any connected device, connected TV, laptop, smarphone, PC, from any location in the world thanks to the OTT technology.


For tendanceTV :

Stéphanie BOY stephanie@tendancetv.com

+33 6 634 630 05

For Transponders&com


+33 6 52 98 98 44