The core values ​​of Tendance TV :  Happy TV

Values ​​that reinforce the target audience of Tendance TV :  Happy TV

International, multilingual, multi-thematic, adressing all ages, Tendance TV is for all the audience on the planet. It aims at breaking down geographic and cultural barriers by sharing the universal values ​​of celebration, happiness, art, music, beauty, respect for humanity and the planet, of harmony and joy: in short « The true, the good, the beautiful » cited by many philosophers.

These values ​​take different forms in every culture and society, they are nevertheless present in each of them. They animate and inspire the social relationships between individuals and groups, and they are the source of solidarity. Today, they are also found in the avant garde, green or environmentalist movements, Bio and New Age, Bobos, and new trendsetters.

OVER THE TOP Television, web and mobile distribution are the ideal media to convey these values. Values that can also be defined, in terms of marketing and of consumer behavior – and this is of major interest for our partners and sponsors – as beliefs that a specific form of behavior or purpose in life is personally or socially preferable to another.

Do not miss this point : it is a clear marketing approach: Tendance TV audience is composed of people concerned about their future and the future of the planet : hedonistic, epicurean, they love life and the world and feel responsible, concerned and committed to both.