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Gala BEST Massimo Gargia Paris 2013avec Massimo Gargia, jean-François Copé, Grichka et Igor Bogdanoff, Sarah Abitbol, Prince Salman al Saud, Princess Al Thani, lamia Khashoggi, Edouard Nahum, Hermann Buhlbecker, Monika Bacardi, actress Valeria Marini, Jihan Lama.
Jean Roch and friend live concert MICS

Les Amis du Liban Gala . Monaco

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Une Grande soirée pour une grande cause Les Amis du Liban soutiennent de nombreux projets au Liban. Mme Bouran Bouery, président des Amis du Liban , SAS le Prince Albert de Monaco, Mrs Clara Gelareh,l'un des sponsors de la soirée avec CRM Jewelry by Clara, qui est venue de Dubai pour assister au Gala, et qui a aussi offert un bracelet pour la vente aux enchère, lequel bracelet a généreusement été acheté par Mr Samir Traboulsi pour 12 000 euros. On notait aussi dans l'assistance la présence de Stelios Saji Ioanou, fondateur d'Easy jet , et la créatrice de mode Yulla Yanina, qui présentait un merveilleux défilé de mode.

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In partnership with the LEBANESE RED CROSS, explains Bouran Bouery, president of Friends of Lebanon, we participated:

. the layout and equipment of a firm eye on the health center Nabatiyah in southern Lebanon, in order to level with major problems of eye diseases facing children and for the prevention and treatment specialized. U.S. $ 7810

. and the provision of paramedical aid to cover the annual requirements of a thousand people with disabilities and their reintegration into society physically and economically. U.S. $ 15,572

We supported the medical treatment costs and 2 patients extremely poor and without health insurance, with severe pathologies (U.S. $ 4,100).

We have also come to the aid of a patient lying in a critical situation in terms of health and socio-economic development, has hepatitis C following a blood transfusion due to postpartum hemorrhage, participating in his treatment costs along and expensive at U.S. $ 6,000.                


Through LIBAMI, we supported the education of 40 children whose families can not provide for an annual fee.

U.S. $ 10,880

As part of our partnership with INSAN, we contributed to the cost of transport and food to allow a hundred children of refugees or migrant workers to travel throughout the school year in the education center located in Sin INSAN El Fil and provide meals. U.S. $ 20,000

We also contributed to the psychological support of children aged 11 to 16 years from marginalized social classes with learning difficulties and mental and enrolled in 12 public schools in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

U.S. $ 25,240

In addition, we participated in the UNDP through the development of a cultural center in Halba (region of Akkar) to improve the social and cultural activities (theater and music activities, public lectures) and to enhance communication and interaction between different communities.

Halba is not only the administrative capital of Akkar, but also the socio-economic capital that attracts daily inhabitants of cities and villages.

Halba also includes a heterogeneous community religious context which makes it an important place of communication, cultural exchanges, religious and political.

Due to its administrative role and location, this project will encourage communities to meet in an environment for art and culture.

U.S. $ 30,000


In partnership with UNDP, we participated in the following projects:

. Construction of a volleyball and basketball, Ain Yaccoub in the Akkar region of north Lebanon

. Creating a sports field, in Furn El Shebbak southeast of Beirut

U.S. $ 57,975

. Equipment financing a garden and children's park in the village of Nabi Sheet located in the kazaa Baal, Bekaa, to improve the educational and social activities at local and regional level.

U.S. $ 21,427

Furthermore, in order to ensure continuity of the work of workers and increase the capacity of the embroidery workshop and sewing Barqa, a small village in northern Lebanon, which now allows to provide a source of sustainable income to fifty local women and contributes to the improvement of living conditions of the population Barqa and surrounding villages, we financed the purchase of 4 new sewing machines

U.S. $ 12,000

We also funded repairs to the roof of a gift shop run by the Religious of Our Lady of the diocese Bechwat employs thirty women in this small village of 500 inhabitants located in the foothills of Mount Lebanon overlooking the Bekaa Valley.

U.S. $ 5000


Through UNDP, we participated in the rehabilitation of an existing water tank in the town of Tal Dnoub, located west of the Bekaa to overcome the lack of water supply for local residents. This project also aims to reduce the amount of unused water.

U.S. $ 35,620

      Pollution and solid organic waste, widespread problem in Lebanon, mainly in the south of the country, causes an impact on the environment and human health, causing contamination of underground water resources, land degradation, pollution atmospheric.

      In the villages, most waste is burned on the spot instead of being transported to the recycling areas. The work on the separation of waste management has already begun in villages and Taibeh Abrikha located in the Jabal Amel (South Lebanon) where waste treatment facilities have been installed. And separate waste (paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, tinplate and plastic) are recycled and organic waste will be treated and used for agricultural activities.

U.S. $ 30,000


SHOPPING ART WITH ALLESSANDRO ORLANDOshopping art with alessandro orlando on Tendancetv a new co-production by Alessandro Orlando and TendanceTV for Art Lovers
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World Music Awards Monaco with Jennifer Lopez Will I Am, roberto cAvalli and much more
Le Bal des Fleurs d'Andrei Fomine la video du Bal des Fleurs 2010, avec Svetlana Zakharova, Ksenia Marchenkov, Galina Yudashkina, Ksenia Sukhinova, Nicole Coste.
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Red Cross Ball 2012 in Monaco with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene
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Bal de la Rose 2012 avec le Prince Albert et la Princesse Charlene
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Vente aux enchères des sapins de Noël a l'Hôtel de Paris, Monaco au profit d'Action Innocence Monaco,
sapin encheres action innocence monaco charlene wittsock Louisette azoaglio en présence de Mlle Charlene Wittstock et de Mme Louisette Levy Soussan Azzoaglio. Lors de cette soirée, Sylvana Gainier a créé et offert le sapin "Planète Action enfants"
Friends of Lebanon with CRM Jewelry by Clara
Kasser Rassu gallery in Marbella EXCLU
Fashion show by Philippe Plein MCFF at MICS
The Children For Peace in Marbella
Grace a Symbol of Change with Ladies in the City
Ettore Sottsass at Sem Art in Monaco
Greek Art at Sem Art Gallery in Monaco
MICS Monaco MC Fashion Forum VAlentin Yudashkin, Beach & Cashmere
MICS MC Fashion Forum Maria Lafuente,Jiki
"Jean Daniel Lorieux: Shooting in Monaco" with model Katya Gaydukova,Nicolas Lorieux,Model Pierre François Jacob